The day I prayed with a Muslim, a Buddhist and a Jew.

     In 2002 I moved to Boston to join a group of civilian volunteers called City Year. We were a mish-mash group of young adult idealists from all walks of life serving the neighborhoods of Boston. Every morning we started our day with PT in Copley Square in front of hundreds of people heading to … More The day I prayed with a Muslim, a Buddhist and a Jew.

This is your fault.

    Dear Tweeplings,      I have words for you.      I created Twitter so I could enter a contest for some fishing lures. What I won was myself as a woman, a writer and a friend. This is your fault.      I have met some of the most amazing people. Just when I think my … More This is your fault.

Run, girl, run.

TRIGGER WARNING: Family violence.   Confession: I’m a runner.        I don’t mean the kind that wakes up in the morning, laces up and hits the pavement a la Rocky. I mean the kind that runs when things get messy. I’ve been a runner my entire life.      We moved a lot. My mom, … More Run, girl, run.


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