So I got fired….

I’ve never been fired before. Not like this. Let go, sure. Sometimes stores close. But fired? Never.

At first I was furious. I made a mistake. But I’m not hashing it out or scrutinizing it. It wasn’t an offense worth firing me over but I’ll admit it did warrant a lecture.



Boss called and said “Client is hopping mad. I’m letting you go. Staffing will be in touch. Click.

I was stunned then I burst into tears.

What in the hell just happened?

So the quick and dirty backstory is this:

A woman called my company stating her daughter had received our product as a gift but the product had broken. She wanted a replacement. We said sure! What’s the order number used to purchase the gift? She couldn’t tell us anything about the person who gave the gift. Not even a last name. Our client’s policy is only to replace products purchased on their website within the last 90 days.

Because the woman couldn’t give us any information, we were unable to replace the broken gift. The woman was furious. She started calling and emailing everyday. What she didn’t understand was that you can’t go to Sony to replace your Nintendo product. Doesn’t work that way.

The woman was relentless so after a couple of weeks of daily calls ranting at our service reps and nasty emails, I finally passed the case to my supervisor who passed it up to the client. Client let it sit for two weeks then passed it back down to me. I was told to deal with it.

I called the lady and spoke with her for 22 minutes. At the end of the call the woman was furious because I would not give her my supervisor’s email address or my company’s owner’s email address. I had been instructed not to. After the rant, she hung up on me and I sent it up to the client for review. The client was furious. How dare I treat a customer that way! Next thing I knew, my supervisor called me and said “I’m gonna let you go.”

Was I perfect? No. I misspoke. But I was following orders to try and de-escalate this customer who just wanted free merchandise for calling and emailing us every day for 6 weeks. She was irrational and you can’t reason with irrational people.

Anyways, long story short. Peggy Sue got fired cause she said no when Linda-May wanted a refund at the Texaco for lotto tickets that didn’t win over at the Chevron. See my point?

Oh well. Who wants to work for a supervisor who throws you under the bus at the first chance they get.

I’m back on an old project and still working on my editing project as well as writing my stuff. I’ve applied to other companies as well. I never want to be fired again without having a backup source of income.

❤ you peeps!

Mary Beth


3 thoughts on “So I got fired….

  1. That company had no backbone, no management, and you didn’t deserve that by a long shot.

    I don’t think you even deserved a lecture on that front. You shouldn’t have been handed the thing back after escalating it up the chain, that’s what escalations are for.


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