Plot Problems? I have them!

     When I set out to write this quirky sci-fi short story, I knew the character I had in mind. She was a bad ass bounty hunter who took no shit from anyone.

I gave her:

a crew with funny and full-bodied characters who had rich back stories and character motivations

a ship that looks like a clunker but runs like a beauty

a galaxy to explore


      I just didn’t give her a reason why or a goal to accomplish. So help me, every plot twist and turn I map out seems outdated and trite. The characters are bored. I’m bored. 

     I’ve tried everything. Hot showers, long walks with the puppy, sketches, research, other genre novels, same genre novels. Nothing. Nada. Blip.

     I can see my characters sitting around port, itching for adventure and heeding the call. They’re willing to go. But I’m not. I have no idea where to send them. Sure I have inklings. But no real, holyhellthisisimportant reason.

     Does this happen to you?



4 thoughts on “Plot Problems? I have them!

  1. Yep, all the time. Why not have one of those full-bodied crew members get kidnapped and turn it into a cross galaxy rescue mission? Or better yet, get your captain kidnapped and have her bust ass to get back to her crew, while they do the same to reach her?

    I dunno. Just bouncing ideas. ^__^


  2. Why not have their reputation not be quite as sterling? What if there’s a bounty on their head from having irritated one trade magnate in Sector A? They camp out in Sector B now, but bounties are nice motivators. Make it into a hunter/hunted situation where they have to get dirt on the magnate to make him rescind the bounty or lose his entire reputation and fortune…before they bounty hunters get them.


  3. I’m not much of a pre-planner, so I almost never know what my characters’ goals are until I start writing and see where it goes. Why not just ask them what they want? Free-write a little bit and see if anything interesting comes up?

    Good luck with it! Sounds like you’ve got some great characters and a fun setting. 🙂


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