36.2 miles between me and hemorrhagic death.

    Confession: I’m an asshole. 

Screenshot 2014-08-04 09.10.06

Screenshot 2014-08-04 10 2Look at me tweeting to appear relevant for retweets.

        Most people on social media hear a piece of news then react by posting their opinions. I reacted out of uneducated fear. I live in the Atlanta area. Its Ebola. I work in a hospital. Ebola is contagious. The CDC is only 50 miles from my house. Ebola wants to kill me. Emory only 36.2 miles. ITS EFFIN EBOLA!

    Its one of the top ten worst ways to die next to falling into the Amazon River with a fresh paper cut, or trapped 10,000 feet above the ground in a cave full of pissed off killer bees. Hemorrhagic fever? No cure? Maybe a 40% survival rate? Every single cell in your body losing its vascular integrity? (Think of a tomato rotting. Squish.) Nope. No thank you. Those people can stay on another continent, not the next county over. (Again I’m an asshole)

ebola  Aww look. Ebola is lonely. It wants to play Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker’s dead. And Peeta. And the rest of District 12. Except Katniss. That chick could survive a Dementor’s Kiss.

     After those tweets, @sushimustwrites pointed out that Emory Hospital in Atlanta is one of four hospitals with an isolation unit specifically built for when scientists, who work at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), come down with a highly contagious pathogen. The CDC scientists are the Olympic athletes of containment and infectious disease. Every damn day they wake up and say “Bye honey, bye kids. Today I get to play with Dengue Fever! Love you.” They know how to build an effective isolation unit.

Seriously, they’re rock stars.

      Who are these doctors and nurses rushing off to another country to battle this raging plague of horror? Didn’t they know they were going to a job that would kill them? Didn’t they realize they would have to die alone, in a jungle over there, because they wanted to help people who were dying in the horrible way?


They aren’t evil people trying to spread the plague to Americans.

They weren’t being reckless and drank a bottle of Ebola on a dare.

They are compassionate human beings who wanted to help ease the suffering of others.

They wanted to come home to say good-bye to their families.

Who are we, with our iced coffees and Netflix marathons, to tell them no?


Some links and thinks:

1,400 have contracted Ebola since the spring. Around 700 people in four countries have died.

The CDC reports yearly flu deaths in the US to be between 4-50,000 a year. Betty from accounting is more likely to kill people when she comes to work with the flu. Seriously folks, you might be feel healthy enough to shop at the store, but the granny behind you won’t survive your mild case of the flu. Stop killing little old ladies. Keep your asses at home on the couch.

Ebola doesn’t spread quickly because its only contagious when symptoms start. I doubt you’re going to work and coughing on people while bleeding out of your eyeballs.

The NPR put out a great article if you need more reassurance. NPR Article

Here are some more scary viruses to be afraid of. More names for you to google and scare yourself silly.

Here’s a pic of baby fruit bats:

baby fruit bats

“We’re sorry we made you bleed out of every orifice.”


One thought on “36.2 miles between me and hemorrhagic death.

  1. It’s a meeeeee!

    And yes, we have very little to worry about re: ebola since it’s transmitted only through bodily fluids (see: when people are bleeding their eyes out). That’s why you hear about these outbreaks in places where they don’t have the treatment and sanitation we have here.

    Hooray awareness!


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