Kim is a 5’5 Ragin Cajun from Chicago. She calls herself a pollock but hates it when people call her ma’am.  Her favorite writer is Stephen King. Her favorite outfit is her Aerosmith tee-shirt, tight jeans and flip flops. She’s blunt, she’s crass, and has no problem telling random granny in a grocery store that she used to have a pill problem. We’ve been friends since 9th grade when we failed Algebra together, twice. When my grandfather died, we drove around for hours while I cried. I introduced her to her husband. She introduced me to crawfish etouffee. Fair trade if you ask me.

Jeneva and I are an unlikely pair. She calls me the ying to her yang. She’s from Brooklyn, 5’8, half Jamaican, half Trinidadian who loves making me eat super spicy food so she can laugh at my red face. My parents trust her so much, that two weeks after 9/11, fresh out of USMC boot camp Jeneva and I drove from ATL to NYC to see her family during my senior year. We spent the six months after our divorces eating pints of ice cream  and watching terrible reality tv together. She’s the loud to my quiet, the spice to my sweet, and the only person on the planet that I can sing Selena’s “I could fall in love with you” fifteen times in a row with.

Neil is the man I worry about most. Currently in Qatar on his 8th or 11th or 38th deployment, he’s also a Chicago native who’s trademark selfie includes a huge cigar.  He loves his Blackhawks, Cubs, and Fighting Irish. He has a tattoo of every country he’s ever served in, dates an NHL cheerleader, and runs 3-10 miles a day just for funsies. He’s working on his PhD, and always brings wine when he comes to dinner. He’s the calm in my storm, the peace to my riot.

At 30 years old, I’ve moved 36 times. I’ve never had a place that I could fondly look back on as home until I met these three. They taught me that home isn’t a place, its in the people who hold your heart. I’ll probably move twenty more times. More than likely I’ll remarry. No matter how unsure of the future I am, the one thing I’m certain of is the home I have in them.


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